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The current pandemic situation may imply the need to change the conference planning. We are following the development closely and also consider options for remote participation.
We aim at finally confirming the conference by 1 March 2021 with the final programme.

8th European Conference on Space Debris

Main Topics

Note: Proceedings of the past conferences can be found in our proceedings database.

The conference programme will highlight all classical and new disciplines of space debris research:


radar, (active) optical and in-situ measurements
debris environment modelling and prediction
orbit prediction, determination, and cataloguing
operational collision avoidance and services
space situational awareness systems and applications
debris aspects of large constellations
on-orbit and re-entry risk assessments
debris mitigation techniques and processes
active removal, servicing, and remediation concepts
environmental impact assessments
regulatory aspects, standardisation, policies
hypervelocity impacts, protection and shielding