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The current pandemic situation may imply the need to change the conference planning. We are following the development closely and also consider options for remote participation.
We aim at finally confirming the conference by 1 March 2021 with the final programme.

8th European Conference on Space Debris

Registration and Invitation

Note: Registration will be opened in Autumn 2020

Intended approximate registration fees

Regular fee
EUR 550
Students fee
EUR 350


Fees include access to the conference proceedings, a reception, free lunches and coffee breaks.



Note: Student status (Bachelor, Master, PHD) must be confirmed by providing a certificate of matriculation from a university. Please send your certificate by email to the conference office.


Cancellation of registration

Cancellations have to be made in writing only. In the case of cancellation after TBD date, no refund can be made.


Letters of Invitation

Letters of Invitation, for the purpose of visa applications, can be requested from the Conference Bureau.

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